After more than 12 uninterrupted years of hard work, we are very pleased to share our press room with our customers, collaborators and suppliers. With the firm intention that they find out about our innovation process which we are sure will be of interest to you. We are convinced that the way in which companies manage their supply chain has gained greater relevance through digital media as a formula for success.

NOVEMBER – 01 – 2019


As part of the permanent training program, Mexican Pressure Vessels through the HSE Headquarters in coordination with the Department of Civil Protection of the City Council of Atitalaquia, Hgo. They carried out the “Emergency Control” course aimed at operational and administrative staff.  With the unrestricted objective of the personnel knowing and applying the basic elements in the field of Security (First Aid, Search and Rescue, as well as Prevention and Fire Fighting), for emergency control, for self-protection and assistance to the company, and thus, contribute to risk reduction and help strengthen the capacity to respond to a disturbing phenomenon that may arise.

“The experience and training of skilled labor is our strength.”

NOVEMBER – 27 – 2019


Mexican of Pressure Vessels warmly congratulates all the operational and administrative personnel that participated in the 3rd MRP Race. With this sports fair, we not only promote the healthy coexistence of our collaborators, we also prevent chronic degenerative diseases. In Mexican Pressure Vessels: “The experience and training of skilled labor is our strength”