Slide MANOS QUE TRANSFORMAN EL ACERO SERVICIOS PROYECTOS MEXICANA DE RECIPIENTES A PRESIÓN Mexicana de recipientes a presión es una empresa reconocida a nivel nacional por el cumplimiento de sus altos estándares de calidad, satisfaciendo así las necesidades de nuestros clientes mas exigentes. PROYECTOS Obtenga los mejores resultados con servicios de la mas alta calidad, entregados a tiempo y con las especificaciones requeridas. SERVICIOS



Mexicana de Recipientes a Presion, SA de CV is a company with 13 years of experience in the metal-mechanic industry, in which, we have successfully delivered ASME Stamped Equipments, Tanks declared before National Board and Revamps; contributing to the energy independence of our country.  


We are company recognized nationally for meeting the highest quality standards, thus satisfying, the demands  of all our clients.  


At MRP we contribute to the Mexican and global industry our experience in the execution of projects, services, and products; through 100% skilled labor. 

For Mexicana de Recipientes a Presión, quality is everything. Therefore, we are a company certified under an ISO 9001: 2015 Management System, ASME in the “U”, “S” stamps and “R” stamp by NATIONAL BOARD, which endorse our great professional history of success.  

Our Quality Policy


In Mexicana de Recipientes a Presión, the total satisfaction of the client is our greatest commitment; therefore, we develop products according to the highest quality standards, executed in the least time and at the best cost of the market. 

Satisfied Customers

We Are a Company comitted to development:

1.- Start up Process
2.- Executing process
3.- Closure process
  • Project analysis and design. 
  • Detail Engineering. 
  • Material and equipment procurement. 
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance (through the whole process). 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Construction 
  • Erection
  • ASME Stamp and NATIONAL BOARD (according to requirements). 
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning  
  • Delivery of technical and administrative data. 
  • Transference and Operation of the Project 
  • Satisfaction survey 


Our strategic geographical location in the center of the country allows us a logistical advantage throug hout the Mexican Republic for construction on site, as well as the shipment of finished equipment for installation

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